The project is to become the headquarters of the government of United Arab Emirates and to house the offices of the president, the vice president, the Crown Prince and government ministers. The new palace will be constructed on the Ras Akhdar peninsula, near the Emirates Palace Hotel. The palace and related facilities will occupy a site of more than 150 hectares to become the largest administrative center in the United Arab Emirates.


Scope of  Work

Preparation of the interior design and hardscape shop drawings for an area of 350,000 m².


Lead Consultant

ICON / DEP (Lebanon)

Sister Company
based in Lebanon & Egypt

Based in Lebanon & Egypt, ICON was founded to aim the utility and refinement, reaching the high end finishes of the Architectural elegance and the glamorous Interior world.

Created by a group of Planners, Architects, Interior Designers and Landscapers, ICON is acknowledged by its new visionary and innovative management, creating the ultimate combination between functional zoning and attractive spaces, offering a reliable client service in multidisciplinary solutions and value engineering expertise, providing also a quality objective in planning, design and implementation for development projects.