Scope of  Work

Design, shop drawings, engineering procurement and construction management for the following apron services: 

  1. Potable water treatment plants and potable water piping from Tech. rooms to PCA pits.
  2. Blue water treatment plants and blue water piping from Tech. rooms to vacuum pits.
  3. Vacuum receiver plants and piping from blue water pits to plant rooms to sewer drainage lines.
  4. PCA air handling units installed in node building.
  5. PCA air ducting from node buildings to PCA pits.
  6. Glycol water piping from node buildings to Tech. room
  7. Glycol chillers systems in Tech. rooms
  8. PCA/Potable water pits 
  9. Vacuum/Blue water pits 
  10. 400 Hz pits / GPU 400 Hz units installed in node buildings / GPU coilers installed under the PBB



Al Mabani/ Avicorp Middle East


Design Reviewer & Supervision Consultant

Dar Al-Handasah (Shair & Co.)


Lead Consultant



Engineering Sub-Consultant

DEP (Lebanon)




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