Saudi Railways Project

The project is a fast track project and is in the final construction stages with the engineering works running in parallel with the construction the project is divided into two site: Running Repair Shed Complex Al-Malaz (RRS), and Heavy Repair Workshop Al-Kharj (HRW).  These facilities are comprised of large steal  structure workshops and ancillary buildings used for the  maintenance of coaches, inspection, washing plant, stock areas, wheel lathe shed and repair of the trains.  project will be supplying a university and a developed area around it. The footprint area of the RRS and the HRW is about 50000 m2 and 210,000 m2 respectively. Along with the main services, supporting buildings such as offices, technical areas, Prayer Rooms, warehouses and guard houses are within each complex. 
Scope of  Work
Complete structural ,electrical and mechanical systems design, shop drawings works of trains maintenance  complexes and the relevant site infrastructure
Engineering Sub-Consultant
DEP (Lebanon)


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